Here is the memorial video that was shown at Mom’s funeral. It has a fabulous ending… the family just asks that you shut off your phone, turn up your speakers and remember this amazing friend, mother, grandmother, wife and servant of Jesus Christ.

We miss you Mom – the world is a better place because of YOU.


Mom passed away on Feb 28th quietly, in her sleep. Her memory will live with us always and I wanted to share this poem that she had copied onto a piece of paper and had next to her bed.

Drinking from my saucer

I never made a fortune and it’s probably too late now but I don’t worry about that much I’m happy anyhow.

And as I go along life’s journey I’m reaping better than I sowed and I drinking from my saucer because my cup is overflowed.

Don’t have a lot of riches and sometimes the going is tough but I have three kids that love me and that makes me rich enough.I just thank God for his blessings and the mercies he’s bestowed by drinking from my saucer because my cup is overflowed.

Oh I remember times when things went wrong and my faith got a little thin but then all at once the dark clouds broke and that old Sun pierced through again. So lowered help me not to gripe about the tough rows that I’ve hoe’d. I’m drinking from my saucer because my cup is overflowed.

And if God gives me strength encourage went the way grows steep and rough I’ll not asked for other blessings primary blessed enough. And may I never be too busy to help another bear his load ,then I’ll keep drinking from my saucer because my cup is overflowed

We miss you Mom…thank you for your quiet strength and unwavering love.


Got a nice surprise text from mom today….made my day! Her larynx(voice box) is possibly damaged from the breathing tube and it’s very difficult for her to push her words out. She is receiving speech therapy and seeing an ENT to resolve this problem but it’s been frustrating not talking to her and I know it’s even more frustrating for her. Mom and I have always been big texter’s with each other as well as talking daily so it’s great to see that she has the dexterity back to send me 3 or 4 messages :-) One in particular that made me laugh….when I asked her if she would be fine with me coming for a visit in 2 weeks she replied, “please come see me and bring food” haha.
She also text me that her therapies (PT and OT) keep her very busy from @8 in the morning until 1 pm with only a short time allowed for lunch…she really enjoys her meals these days. I think Patrick coming will be perfect for her appetite!

More later


HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to my beautiful mother. Much has happened since my last post and I wanted to keep everyone updated on moms condition. On Feb 1, mom was rushed into emergency surgery for a pulmonary embolism and two blood clots in her leg. She was very weak and they had her on a breathing tube. The doctors were not sure if she was going to make it through that weekend after they took out the tube, so we drove down through the night and Patrick came in from TX. They took out mom’s breathing tube and she continued to breathe on her own. She spent the next week in the hospital and they have now moved her to Shands Rehab for 2 weeks. It touched me deeply to see how mom’s team of Dr’s from her Oncologist to her dear friend who is the Physicians Asst.of mom’s Brain Surgeon hold her so close to their heart…it’s not just a job to them…they truly are angels here on earth.
Today is Patrick’s last day at work in Houston and he will be moving down to Gainesville the end of this week to become mom’s fulltime caregiver at home.
We all know she will be eating only the finest foods with Patrick living there…he is a wonderful caregiver and feels this is where God wants him to be. This will also give Herb and Missy a break from being the only family there in Gainesville to care for mom…with two girls and twin girls on the way, they could use a break.

Mom has been fighting the hardest battle of her life with this terminal brain cancer and has pulled through when the doctors thought it was her time. She is an inspiration to us all.

On this day of love, please remember mom in your prayers as she has been such a perfect example of love to us.


Mom checked one of her all time “bucket list” items off the list this last weekend… she jumped out of a perfectly good airplane down in Zephyr Hills, Fl.

Mom in her skydiving gear

Mom in her skydiving gear

When I asked her to describe it she replied with “there are no words”.

Well said Mom… well said.

Everything went smoothly, to include the landing. They utilized the “glutimus maximus” landing technique, which is soft on newly repaired knees and she said that she enjoyed the amazing view during the slow drift. She also said that the free fall lasted approximately 2.5 minutes…that’s a long time!


Well, with the doctor’s well wishes, Mom has spent the past two weekends down in Fort Myers beach with Denise, Paul and three beautiful grandchildren.  Lindsay, the oldest grandchild, was actually celebrating her high school graduation and the weather was amazing this last weekend.  My family joined them as well so it made for a wonderful opportunity to have a complete family pic.

Mom had a great time and although some of the medications make it hard to tolerate the hard south Florida sunshine she was able to get out to the beach, play a little volleyball and make the weekend a memorable one.

Treatment Update:  Mom is finishing week 5 of 6 now… like a champion.  She has had minimal hair loss (as you can see from the picture) and she has felt great.  Little nausea and side effects were mainly from some non-chemo medications that they had her on.  She is finishing strong and excited about wrapping up her treatments.

What does the future hold?  We don’t know but Mom is considering a big fall cruise to someplace fun.  Any recommendations from you guys out there???  Alaska?  Greece?  Aruba?


Today Bill and Puggy Jones drove up from the villages and surprised Mom by taking her to her morning Chemo appointment.

Bill is Mom’s brother-in-law, one of her first husbands younger brothers. He and his wife will be back in Gainesville Wednesday for a family get together.

Mom is doing well and her doctors are very happy with how she is progressing.  They are also happy with her ability to manage the chemo and radiation treatments with little to no side effects.  Her chief side effect, drowsiness and fatigue, seem to be caused more by some of her medications and they are discussing how we can cut back certain meds in order to help her regain some of her energy.

The girls at the VA should know – SHE MISSES WORK.  She is and always be a nurse, a caregiver, a nurturer and she doesn’t have an outlet for that right now.  This is hard for her but perhaps soon she can find a way to nourish that aspect of her personality.

First things First.


Well, Mom does still have her hair and her sense of humor…bad as it may be.  She is doing well and is finishing her first full week of concurrent radiation and chemo therapy.

This requires long days – she gets a chemo treatment via IV every morning around 9am at Shands.  This treatment takes between an hour and two hours.  She then has to wait 4 hours before coming back to Shands for her radiation therapy.  Luckily radiation is much quicker and she can usually be in-and-out in an hour.

The chemo causes some fatigue but her appetite has held up and Pat, her youngest son is now her in-house Chef so she is getting high quality meals.

HOW YOU CAN HELP: What the family really needs right now is volunteers.  Mom is not allowed to drive and anyone willing to either take her to or pick her up from one of her two daily appointments would be GREATLY appreciated.  You can click here to get in touch with us and volunteer.  Even one day a week, offering to drive her either to or from one of those appointments would be a true blessing.


Mom had a great weekend.

Patrick took her on a roadtrip down to West Palm Beach to visit her little sister, Coleen.  After their visit, they headed to Cocoa Beach to visit with Missy’s (Herb’s beautiful wife) family.  She woke up Sunday morning to an amazing Florida sunrise…

Sunday they headed home and stopped to see her sister-n-law, Puggy in Ocala.

Even after a crazy busy weekend, she still sounded energetic on the phone last night.  She has an appointment today with her primary DR and starts physical therapy tomorrow.  The PT will help with her fatigue once radiation starts.

Will continue to keep updating…hopefully we can get mom to journal some of her thoughts.


Background Story

On April 16th 2010, mom was diagnosed with a brain tumor after suffering from symptoms of confusion, dizziness, extreme fatigue and increased blurred vision.

Six days later, her neurosurgeon, Dr. Friedman, confirmed that it was malignant and needed to be taken out.  Surgery was scheduled 8 days later and the tumor was removed…it will be followed by chemo and radiation therapy.   We will continue to keep you updated on her progress through blogs and journaling.

Please continue to lift mom up in your prayers and in your hearts.  She is a beautiful, strong woman overflowing with the kind of faith and peace that all of us could only hope to experience one day.